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Women With ‘All Cats Are Beautiful’ Fined by Cops
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We love our law enforcement, but the cops over in Spain may be taking this one just a liiiiiitle too seriously!

They recently fined a woman for walking through the streets of Madrid, carrying a bag that said “All Cats Are Beautiful.” What’s the problem?

Belen Lobeto, a graphic designer living in Madrid, was shocked to receive a fine given on the spot for her offensive fashion choice. Evidently, the cops insisted that the ACAB acronym on the bottom stook for “All Cops Are Bastards” and gave her a fine for disrespecting police! Talk about making big assumptions!

When she attempted to explain that it, indeed, was only a bag to display her love for her feline friends, they told her to take it up with the judge. Lobeto insisted that the police were unreasonable and wouldn’t even let her try to explain. They said that “if she didn’t shut her mouth, she would be taken away.” Yikes!

Her day in court has yet to arrive, but her tweet has gone viral and has been shared more than 13,000 times since recently being posted.

Hopefully the judge will restore peace and harmony and this poor lady will be able to accessorize her cat bag in peace in the future!

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Original Post: Spanish Cops Issue Fine Over ‘All Cats Are Beautiful’ Bag

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