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Woman Comes Home From Work, Finds Pot Party With Cake
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Four people have been accused of breaking into a woman’s home. While they did steal a pair of shoes, they are also accused of smoking pot and baking a cake while the woman was at work.

Jeremiah Garib, 19, Xavion R. Elkins, 20, and two juveniles were found running out of the woman’s house as she came back from work.

Luckily, the resident was able to positively identify Garib as an acquaintance of her son, who wasn’t at home. They didn’t, however, have permission to be in the house.

After getting home from work, the owner discovered that she’d interrupted a little makeshift party, complete with cake, ice cream and marijuana!

“When the individuals broke into the home, they baked a cake and were preparing to eat it with some ice cream when the homeowner returned home from work,” the police said. “Upon fleeing, they had left some marijuana residue inside the home and the smell of marijuana was in the air.”

Evidently, they couldn’t find any frosting for their cake, either, so they ended up opening a jar of homemade jam and used that instead. How resourceful!

Garib left his shirt and shoes behind, but took the time to grab a pair of his buddy’s shoes, who also happened to be the homeowner’s son.

Soon after the kids left, marijuana was found hidden in a trash can at a local business that had been “packaged for sale.”

The two adults have been arrested and are currently facing charges. Charges are still pending for the minors.

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