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Valet at Hotel Gives $300K Ferrari to Wrong Man
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When you go somewhere and use their valet, you assume your vehicle is going to be safe. However, that wasn’t the case at the Marriott International in St. Petersburg, Florida recently!

The owner of a $300,000 Ferrari is suing the hotel, after the valet mistakenly gave the keys to a young man who was trying to impress a girl he just met.

James “Skip” Fowler parked his yellow 458 Italia Spider outside the resort while attending a lawyer’s convention, where it remained for more than 12 hours.

But Levi Miles, 28, showed up and demanded the keys, telling his new lady love that the car was his. He told the valet on duty that the ticket was in the car and he’d bring it back, but obviously, he never did and drove off until a police officer spotted him for driving without taillights.

The police reported that the driver had “difficulty” handling the car, cocaine was found on the center console and the lady had marijuana in her purse.

Miles kept changing his story before finally admitting that “I was just trying to impress the girl I just met with the car.”

Miles claims, however, that he is innocent of grand theft auto since the valet gave him the keys. He also faces charges of cocaine possession and habitually driving with a suspended or revoked license. His new lady also faces charges of marijuana possession.

Flower, meanwhile, is accusing the hotel and valet of negligence. He ultimately had to spend “significant sums” on car inspections, repairs and legal fees after he finally got his car back, and it’s value has now been “diminished.”

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