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Unwelcome Litter Box Cleanup Leads to Arrest
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You definitely never want anyone to break into your house… however, if it’s going to happen, it may as well be someone who’s going to clean it for you! That’s what happened recently to a woman when a man broke in and began cleaning her house instead of stealing stuff!

Mitchell Sayers, 33, entered the home, took off his shoes and emptied a cat’s litter box! But he was in a bit of a confused state, which is where the danger came into play. Police initially were called to the scene for a man who was chasing a 26-year-old woman, and then found out he supposedly had a knife on him, as well.

The woman was able to call the police and they met her outside of her apartment, where Sayers was still inside cleaning. Because they thought he may still have the knife, they entered with guns drawn, but Sayers was more than cooperative when they found him.

He came out of the kitchen with his hands in the air and was immediately arrested. Sayers denied having a knife and cops never did find one on him, but he clearly wasn’t making much sense with the statements he was making.

The victim initially told police that her apartment doors were unlocked when Sayers came inside. She said he was making sexually suggestive comments to her, which prompted her to alert the neighbors, as well as the police.

It’s still not too clear if the victim and Sayers knew each other, but Sayers was arrested and recently arraigned for single counts of breaking and entering, as well as for a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace.

Eventually, he was released by the judge on his own personal recognizance and a pretrial hearing was scheduled later in January.

As a condition of his release, Sayers must stay away from the victim and her apartment. But if he wants to come over and clean our apartment and empty our kitty litter, we may just let him!  

Original article: Pittsfield Man Charged After Entering Woman’s Apartment, Cleaning Litter Box

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

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