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Uber Driver Drops Customer Off at Airport, Goes Back to Rob House
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You just don’t know who you can trust these days! This customer needed a lift to the airport and clearly thought that Uber was the best way to make that happen. They definitely didn’t anticipate the driver coming back to their house after they were dropped off to break in!

Jackie Gordon Wilson dropped his riders off at the airport and headed back to their home to attempt to break in. He didn’t get too far, though, as an alarm started sounding and the entire attempt was recorded by the home’s doorbell camera.

People just aren’t thinking about the new possibilities of arrest with things like “Ring” and “Nest” in today’s marketplace!

Wilson didn’t stop there, though. He ran from the home that he was attempting to rob after the alarm went off and found a second home nearby where he did get lucky. He ended up breaking into the second home and stealing several items. But in true form, that home also had a “Ring” video doorbell that recorded the suspect and his every move.

Police were called and eventually found Wilson at his home, where he was still wearing the same clothes that he had on during the burglaries the previous day. The cops also found some of the stolen items from the second invasion in his possession.

He was soon taken into custody and arrested. Police are also investigating his activities to see if he may have been involved in other burglaries in the area, as well, but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Let that be a reminder to safely use Uber when the time comes to call for a ride! Always double check that license plate, make, model and color of car and take a picture when it shows up. And it’s always a good idea to be mindful of where you are picked up and dropped off from. It may be best that the driver doesn’t know you won’t be home for several days! Be safe!

Original article and Image Credit: Uber Driver Tried to Break Into Customers’ Home After Taking Them to Airport

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