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Trio Owes More Than $130K in Unpaid Tolls
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We’re not sure how you can do it, but these three New Jersey drivers ended up racking up an astounding $170,000 in unpaid tolls! Now they find themselves in front of a judge!

Denise Simien, 55, Willie Reyes, 34, and Spirdon Fragoulis, 45, all got caught recently for continuing to drive through the E-Z Pass lanes without and E-Z Pass!

A police officer even tried to verbally stop Simien from passing through without paying, but she looked at the officer and kept right on going. Eventually, she was pulled over by another officer and all of her shenanigans started to come to light!

Simien has been charged with crossing toll areas 250 times without paying. That totals $16,663 in unpaid fines that she now has to come up with.

Reyes was also recently caught for not paying in an E-Z Pass lane, as well. Turns out, he was driving with a suspended license and seems to owe $37,800 in E-Z Pass tolls that have went unpaid.

Finally, Fragoulias rounded things out by being caught for driving his flatbed tow truck through the E-Z Pass lanes without paying, as well. When his tags were ran, the cops found that he had over 850 violations on more than one account, totaling $36,256 in tolls and $42,350 in fees! That’s insane!

Turns out there is a new crackdown for addressing repeat toll violators in New York and New Jersey and these three are proving that it’s a good initiative to have!

All three drivers had their cars impounded, face civil penalties for petty larceny and theft of service and could be required to pay their crazy-high toll violations!

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Original Post: Police Bust three N.J. Drivers Who Fail to Pay EZ Pass, Racking Up $170G in Toll Fees

Image Credit: Richard Harbus/For New York Daily News



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