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Toddler Takes Late Night Joyride in Toy Car
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Luckily, this 2-year-old’s late night drive in his battery -powered toy car ended safely, when he was found driving down the middle of the street he lived on.

The boy was wearing a diaper and gray jogging pants when he was found by a woman, who took him to a nearly house to call the cops.

When the cops arrived, they were able to follow tracks that the toy car had made, all the way back to the toddler’s house. When they arrived with the little tyke, his parents were stunned when they realized what had happened.

“We’re fortunate that this didn’t end badly,” police said. “He could have been struck by a car, picked up by a person. We’re very fortunate a Good Samaritan took him to a home where another good person lived, to call law enforcement.”

There was no sign of neglect and it doesn’t appear that charges will be filed. It was just a little guy who was determined to sneak away from home to see what the world had to offer! What a stinker!

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