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This is the Most Swedish Arrest Ever
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Only a criminal in Sweden would be arrested in a Swedish sauna! An off-duty policeman who was just trying to relax, ended up arresting the naked fugitive!

The policeman wasn’t on-the-clock and was enjoying a nice naked steam in a Stockholm sauna when he realized he was sitting next to a man who was a drug offender on the run. What are the odds?!

Luckily, the officer was able to keep a cool head, despite the heat, and was able to take action without anyone getting hurt.

While it could have potentially been dangerous, since the fugitive had also been found guilty of attempted assault, this officer managed to make the bust in as stripped-down an arrest as he could get!

The con-man knew that the cops were looking for him and soon even recognized the officer but he had nowhere to go. The office had already called for reinforcements, who arrived and took the criminal away.

Original article: Naked Policeman Arrests Criminal in Swedish Sauna

Image Credit: <a href=’’>milkos / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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