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Thieves Steal Trailer, Get Grim Surprise
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These thieves deserve the grim surprise they got after stealing a U-Haul trailer in New Mexico, recently!

The trailer was stolen outside of a motel as the family was transporting the body of a loved one home to be buried from Oklahoma to New Mexico.

Imagine the thieves surprise when they opened up their quick U-Haul find, only to find a casket with a dead body inside!

These crooks clearly wanted no part of this, so they dumped the stolen SUV, trailer and casket on the side of the road and took off.

Nobody has been arrested for the crime yet, but they do believe they have their guys, who are already in custody for different crimes.

Anthony Serna, Jeremy Soliz and Daniel Gonzalez were arrested after driving recklessly in a red pick-up, which witnesses said they saw at the hotel just before the U-Haul was stolen.

Investigators are now processing the truck and everything around it for DNA and fingerprints, and charges will hopefully be brought against the men shortly.

We are just happy that this family will be able to bury their loved one and everything ended well!  

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Original Post: Thieves Steal a U-Haul Trailer with a Casket, Body Inside of It

Image Credit: Flickr/Tim Patterson

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