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Teen’s Plan to Get to Six Flags is a Flop
31 Mar, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: admin

A teen from New York City went for a little joyride recently when he stole a taxi and attempted to drive to Six Flags. He didn’t make it too far, though, and was arrested in New Jersey.

Little did he know that it was all for nothing, since the park wasn’t even open yet for the season! Talk about not doing your recon before committing a crime!

The cops received a tip that the taxi was stolen early in the morning and was quickly tracked down by a GPS device that was located in the cab. When the police responded to the area where the car was, they found a man sleeping in the backseat.

Jonathan Gualpa, 19, stole the cab and driven it across state lines, which got him in even more trouble. He couldn’t even hang that long and ended up needing to pull over to take a nap!

He was soon arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and was released until his upcoming hearing. Luckily, the cab wasn’t harmed in the little road trip adventure.  

Original article and Image Credit: Teen Stole NYC Taxi for Road Trip to Six Flags, But Fell Asleep at his Not-So-Great Adventure

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