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Teens Caught Joyriding – in a Stolen Plane
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Who expected a 14 and 15-year-old to have the know-how to not only steal a plane from a small hanger, but also fly and land it, as well! They are lucky to be alive!

These two boys stole, flew and landed a small plane in Utah before they were taken into custody. And on top of it, it was Thanksgiving Day!

It is believed the two boys left a group home the week before, and were staying with friends a few hours away. On Thanksgiving morning, the teens found a tractor at their friends’ home and drove it to a nearby airstrip.

There, they found a fixed-wing, single-engine plane, which was soon seen flying at low altitudes along the local roadways.

The police were waiting for the boys when they landed back at the airstrip and were immediately arrested. They were being held at a local Youth Detention Center before being moved back to the area where their group home was located.

Bravo, boys, on flying a plane at such a young age! But maybe next time you figure out a way to do it legally!

Original article and Image: 2 Teen Boys Arrested for Allegedly Stealing and Flying in Small Plane in Utah

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