Feb 28
Bad Move: Cartwheels During Sobriety Test
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Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently pulled over a suspected drunk driver, only to witness her continually doing cartwheels during the sobriety test! That didn’t help her cause, but it's impressive she was able to do gymnastics while tipsy! Bryelle Marshall, 23, was asked to face one direction and do a “walk and turn” test, but she kept raising her arms and making a gymnastics pose instead. “We’re not doing yoga, I don’t know what you’re doing,” the officer said at one point. But that still didn’t stop Marshall. She performed cartwheels at least two times and one on of…
Feb 28
Church Cigarette Stunt May Mean Jail Time for Russian Woman
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It’s bad enough that this 21-year-old woman had to smoke in church, but using a church candle to light the cigarette? That may be taking it just a bit too far! The woman is now facing prison time in Russia after the photo she shared online found it’s way to the cops. She could be jailed for up to three years for posting the photo under President Vladimir Putin’s strict law against “insulting the feelings of religious believers.” She isn’t the only one. A man was recently charged under the law after he posted a video of him playing Pokeman…
Feb 20
Cops Stop Erratic Drivers, Hear Awesome Excuse
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Recently in Iceland, two foreign drivers were stopped after driving erratically. When the cops pulled them over to figure out what was going on, the drivers claimed that the Northern Lights had distracted them. We’re guessing if you’ve never seen them, it would be pretty distracting! One incident found a car swerving erratically between lanes and the cops immediately assumed the driver was intoxicated. The driver, who turned out to be completely sober, had to explain that the Northern Lights had appeared and he was simply unable to keep his eyes on the road as a result! It was awe-inspiring!…
Feb 13
Restaurant Employees Spit in Cops’ Food, Owner Knew
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Recently in Jacksonville, FL, the chief of police issued a big warning to his staff if they had any plans on eating at Cruisers Grill. It may even be hazardous to their health! It turns out that the owner of the restaurant went to the cops because he found out his employees had been spitting in the food of officers. But he knew why… “Because you are all bullies!” he told the police! The bullying accusations began when two officers reported to Cruisers recently because an alarm was going off. Turns out the owner had accidently set it off, but…
Feb 3
Man Gets Stuck in Chimney During Burglary
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This was no Santa sliding down the chimney recently. It was a burglar who got stuck in the chimney when he attempted to rob a home. Keith Schultz, 28, was the Santa robber wannabe. The police were alerted of a home alarm at the same location that a woman mysteriously called in to report that her friend needed some help after getting stuck in a chimney. Not surprisingly, there was no woman around by the time the officers arrived! Schultz tried to get into the house by the chimney and the woman then triggered the alarm when breaking into the…
Feb 3
Woman Doesn’t Like Drug Dealer’s Price Hike, Calls Cops
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Of all the crazy things people calls the cops for, this one may take the cake! An Australian woman recently called the cops because when she went to meet her usual drug dealer, she was astounded that he had the nerve to raise the prices of his marijuana! So she made the call. Smart! She called and reported that the dealer asked for more money than usual, then recounted the exchange in a Facebook post that has since gone viral on the internet! She quickly realized her error in judgement in calling the cops and hung up once the cops…
Jan 28
Naked Bike Rider Leads Cops on Chase in Freezing Weather
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This guy wasn’t going to let a little thing like temperatures of 8 degrees stop him from taking his regular bike ride! But, the fact that he was drunk and naked, meant for a different kind of ride. The young biker was making quite the nuisance of himself after a night of drunken escapades in his town. The last straw? While he was riding around naked, he decided it would be a good idea to ride his cycle through the revolving door of a hotel, pull a fire alarm, and abandon his bike and run through the city instead! The…
Jan 25
Guy Goes to Jail Over Kitty Litter Mistaken for Meth
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Talk about being wrongly accused for a major crime! Now this poor man is struggling to clear his name! Ross Lebeau, 24, was charged with possessing almost half a pound of methamphetamine in Texas. The only problem was… it wasn’t! The police found what they thought was the drug inside the man’s car and two field tests showed it was positive for the drug. Talk about getting things VERY wrong! “Cops thought they had the biggest drug bust in the area, but it turned out to be the bust of the year for them,” Lebeau said. Lebeau had his mugshot…
Jan 25
The Weird Story of a Cup
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This woman thought she was doing the right thing for the environment, but as it turns out, it might just be the key piece of evidence that is needed in the prosecution of a bank robber! Gail Dougherty, a Woodstock resident, was taking the trash out of her home when she noticed a paper coffee cup that she decided to pick up and put into the recycling bin. But when she pulled it out, she heard something rattling inside of it and found a crumpled piece of paper in it that she unfolded. “This is a robbery. Give me the…
Jan 17
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Causes Domestic Shooting Dispute
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This man in Baltimore REALLY didn’t want anyone touching the delicious grilled cheese sandwich he made. When he found that someone had taken a bite out of it, he opened fire in his home and barricaded himself inside, creating an hours-long stand-off with the cops. When the police got to the house, the man’s wife and daughter came running out and told them that the man was shooting a gun in the home. Luckily nobody was hit! That being said, you have to really love grilled cheese sandwiches to start shooting a gun at your wife and daughter! What kind…