Dec 11
Uber Driver Tapes Drink-Fueled Rant, Dallas Prosecutor is Fired
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A prosecutor in Dallas, Jody Warner, was recently fired from her job in the District Attorney’s office for a fight she got into with an Uber driver. Even though she apologized and admitted she was wrong, there was no turning back. Shaun Platt, 26, was driving Warner home from a bar in East Dallas when Warner became more and more upset when Platt wanted to take a different route from how she believed they should go. “She kept saying she’s an assistant DA and said, ‘Who are they going to believe, you or me?’ and I said, ‘You know what?…
Nov 21
A Car Full of People Crashed… Then Things Got Weird
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Imagine the surprise of the police when they showed up at the scene of a car accident and found five naked people which also involved a kidnapping! That’s what happened recently in Canada. A man, woman and six-week old child were kidnapped by an unknown number of people at their home recently and forced into the vehicle’s trunk. It appears to be premeditated and that “all parties” knew each other. While the car was driving down the road, the man was able to escape. Shortly after, the woman and baby managed to get out, as well. “A passerby offered assistance…
Oct 10
Bank Teller Admits Stealing $185K From Homeless Man
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While stealing from the homeless definitely puts you in a lower class of humanity, we’re also wondering why a homeless man is carrying around $185,000! A bank teller at Wells Fargo, Phelon Davis, 29, stole more than $185K from a homeless customer who came in and tried to deposit a garbage bag full of cash into his account. But it was a two-year operation that only recently came to light! Davis has pleaded guilty to one federal count of interstate transportation of stolen property, which holds a a prison term up to 10 years. The victim was only described as…
Sep 27
Robber Arrested After Pizza Store Was Already Robbed Earlier That Day
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This guy really picked the wrong place to try to steal money from! A man with a knife went into a pizza restaurant demanding money, but what he surely wasn’t anticipating is that the restaurant had already been robbed and lost money a few hours earlier! What are the odds?! Burglars originally broke into the restaurant before opening hours and were able to get away with $1,500. Clearly this owner wasn’t going to be in the best of moods! So imagine his surprise as he was cleaning up after the burglary when a knife-wielding man walked in and demanded money!…
Sep 21
Man Attempts to Rob Restaurant, Owners Lock Him in Walk-in Freezer
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This would-be thief didn’t get quite what he was looking for when he attempted to rob a Mexican restaurant recently! Would you believe he was just trying to steal a bag full of popsicles and some meat?! Marshall Smith, 36, was actually happy when the cops showed up, because he had been locked inside of a walk-in freezer for about 20 minutes after the owners of the restaurant realized what he was doing and slammed the door on him. Too bad for him now he’s going to be locked in a jail cell! Hopefully it’s a bit warmer in there!…
Jul 10
Man Claims Van Full of Pot is “All for Me”
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Talk about being greedy! This guy was caught with hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his van, which clearly created quite the odor. And the smell is exactly what got Shane Prosser, 50, busted! Police were passing the van when they noticed the unmistakable stench. Sure enough, they found an entire van full of weed! Prosser and his passenger claimed that they had just bought all of the cannabis and were planning on using it for their own recreational use, but the cops also found a key to a nearby farm in the van, as well. Upon investigation, the farm…
Jul 5
Man Wrongly Jailed for 3 Months When Dry Wall Was Mistaken for Cocaine
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Talk about bad luck! This Florida handyman is ecstatic to be walking out of jail a free man after spending three months in the clink. For what? Possession of cocaine. Which is definitely a serious offense, but the problem was he didn’t have cocaine on him. It was really dry wall! Karlos Cashe was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, when the officer noticed a white powder in the man’s car. Cashe explained that the powde was not drugs, but dry wall residue from his job as a handyman. But the cops still called for backup. When a drug…
Jun 12
Prison Inmate’s Jailbreak Stopped by Key Fob
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Who knew that a car key would stop a prison inmate attempted to carjack a vehicle! While he was out for a hospital visit, he saw his chance with a nearby car and went for it! Things didn’t work out so well, though. Ezekiel Stevenson, 18, wasn’t able to accomplish his big break because the driver of the car had a tiny advantage that saved him in a big way: the key fob. As convenient as those little pieces of hardware can be, so many people hate them because of different issues that arise. Technology can be messy! But in…
Apr 26
Police Chief Issues Himself a Speeding Ticket
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Turns out that not even police chiefs are immune to speeding tickets. You just don’t expect them to give one to themselves! Police Chief Justin Burch did just that, though. It seems like he only gave himself the speeding ticket after being caught on video, though! Burch posted an apology on the police department’s Facebook page, saying he was “wrong in traveling at 75 to 80 mph”, which was clearly above the speed limit. He made good on writing himself a $300 speeding ticket and plans to pay it in full in order to be held accountable for his actions.…
Apr 26
Woman Arrested After Posting Video on Facebook Live
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When you have a warrant out for your arrest and you know the cops are looking for you, you probably should stay off Facebook. Particularly, off Facebook Live. That’s exactly what Markesha Wilkerson, 18, recently did, though. She had a warrant out for her arrest for two charges: improper display of a firearm and failure to appear. So what does she do? She posts a Facebook Live video of herself at the local Chuck E Cheese, just while investigators were scanning Facebook to see if they could find any leads on where she might be. Nice timing!! Investigators quickly contacted…