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Suspect Keeps Facebook Promise to Cops, Turns Self in
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If only it was this easy to get all suspects to turn themselves in! This Canadian man recently promised the police in a social media post that he would turn himself in on five arrest warrants he had outstanding; and he actually kept his word!

Brandon Melbourne recently was a little offended when his local police department posted on their Facebook page that they were looking for Melbourne… for a completely different crime! Evidently, there was recently an armed robbery at a local bank and the cops posted Melbourne’s picture, which he quickly disputed.

While the picture the cops posted definitely looked similar to Melbourne, he responded saying it wasn’t him and was slightly offended they couldn’t even figure out the major differences between him and the actual thief!

That being said, the cops reminded him that he did have five other warrants that he was still wanted on. He said he would turn himself in later that day after he “did a few things.” And true to his word, he showed up at the station later that night!

What a stand-up guy… oh yeah, except for the fact that he had five warrants out for his arrest.

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Original Post: Newfoundland Fugitive Turns Self In After Chatting with Police on Facebook

Image Credit: Royal Newfoundland Constabulary/Facebook


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