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Son Gets $1.5K Ticket Rushing Dad to Hospital
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When you’re on the way to the hospital and get pulled over, you typically assume a cop would let you go or even help you out, not give you a ticket. Especially if it’s a matter of life or death!

That’s not what happened to Michael O’Neil, though. He was rushing his dad to the hospital for an apparent heart attack when he saw the telltale lights flashing behind him from a state trooper. the police officer repeatedly questioned the validity of the “emergency” and instead, he got a $1,500 speeding ticket and his dad was taken to a different hospital in an ambulance. Wow!

Mr. O’Neil was speeding when he was pulled over and he immediately started waving out his window for the officer to come over as soon as possible. When the officer approached the car on the passenger side, they explained the situation and said they needed to go as soon as possible. They claim the officer then said that it didn’t look like his dad was having a heart attack and questioned why they were driving so fast.

The trooper called an ambulance and continued to write out a speeding citation for O’Neil. No helping out here!

Michael’s dad ended up undergoing surgery and received a stent to fix a blockage in an artery once he arrived at the hospital in the ambulance.

Mr. O’Neil is even more riled up now that the Illinois State Police officials have reviewed the incident and have found that nothing was handled inappropriately and all complaints have been dismissed.

A spokesman for the state police said that based on what was seen in the officer’s in-car video, they have found the officer’s conduct proper and within policy during the incident.

They “strongly discourage officers from escorting civilian vehicles in medical emergencies due to the extreme hazard not only to the escorting officer, but also to the occupants of the escorted vehicle and other motorists.” The spokesman further said that anyone with a medical emergency should call 911 for an ambulance and not to drive to the hospital.

Looks like you shouldn’t be looking for help from the Illinois State Patrol if you’re having a medical emergency on the roadways anytime soon!

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