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Shopper Accidentally Steals Car
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When a shopper mistakenly took the wrong car from a business, they returned it quickly and even topped it off with a full tank of gas! How does that even happen?!

Recently, the police responded to a 911 call from a woman who called about her vehicle being stolen. She claimed that she parked her car beside a car that looked identical to hers and went about her shopping. But when she came back, her car was gone!

As it turns out, the other shopper simply got confused, climbed in the wrong car and drove off.

The police said that while the situation is “very rare,” the confusion was understandable since both cars were the exact same make, model and color, both parked side-by-side.

Soon after the police were called, the man realized his error and brought the car back to the parking lot to swap for the correct one.

Everyone makes mistakes! The woman was so happy it was an honest mistake that she even reimbursed the gentleman for the gas that he put into the car.

The police are giving out a simple reminder that drivers should just make sure their vehicles are locked, with no keys inside or left running if unattended.   

Original article and Image Credit: Halifax Shopper Accidentally Steals Car, Returns it With a Full Tank

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