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Prison Inmate’s Jailbreak Stopped by Key Fob
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Who knew that a car key would stop a prison inmate attempted to carjack a vehicle! While he was out for a hospital visit, he saw his chance with a nearby car and went for it! Things didn’t work out so well, though.

Ezekiel Stevenson, 18, wasn’t able to accomplish his big break because the driver of the car had a tiny advantage that saved him in a big way: the key fob.

As convenient as those little pieces of hardware can be, so many people hate them because of different issues that arise. Technology can be messy! But in this case, it was a clear victory for the key.

Stevenson attempted to drag the unnamed owner of the car out of his vehicle, but the owner still had the key fob on him. So when Stevenson attempted to drive away, the car’s owner was able to shut down the car repeatedly. Score!

A standoff ensued, with Stevenson attempting to lock the doors over and over, but the owner just kept clicking them back open. Cops soon showed up on the scene and were able to enter the car.

Stevenson attempted to bolt into the woods, but was quickly caught by the officers.

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Original Post: Prison Inmate’s Jailbreak Attempt Foiled by Guy With Key Fob

Image Credit: Les Hassell/The News-Journal via AP

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