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Pet Gator Stolen From Florida Mobile Home
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Someone recently broke into a Florida mobile home, but they stole something you wouldn’t expect a thief to steal… an alligator!

Someone called 911 after an alligator had wondered into their yard, but they didn’t realize it was a pet at the time! However, something was definitely off about this particular gator. It’s snout was taped and it had a trapper’s tag on it.

Turns out it had recently been captured by a neighbor and was living inside their mobile home! But it backfired when someone broke in and stole it.

Details are unclear at this time and it’s not known whether the burglar was looking for the gator or merely stumbled upon it and thought it would make a nice conversation piece in their own home!

The authorities were eventually called and the cops loaded the gator into their cop car and turned it over to the state wildlife office.

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