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Package Thieves Arrested After Stealing Dog Poop Boxes in Texas
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This Texas woman took matters into her own hands and finally helped catch thieves who were targeting delivered packages in her Texas neighborhood. But how? By filling packages filled with dog poop that the burglar bandits inevitably stole!

Rose Faubush has dealt with thieves stealing packages in her neighborhood for a few months now, so she and her son decided to put out some different kind of “bait” – packages of dog poo!

“I was really angry when I heard about the packages being stolen, even though it wasn’t ours,” she said.

Faubush planted the bait and left the house for only about an hour and when she returned home, the packages were gone! After realizing how easy it was, she did it again the next day, but was a little less harsh the second time around. She filled the boxes with ribbons, bows and wrapping paper.

Our question is… why would the thieves even try to come back after unwrapping boxes filled with dog poop in the first place? Ewe!

They were desperate, though, because they returned! And that’s when she pounced. A man appeared on her porch, lifting the box right as Faubush threw open the door and snapped pictures with her cellphone. She got him!

And of course, the thief’s getaway driver abandoned the caught-red-handed thief! So he did what he only could do, ran into the nearby retention pond!

Faubush posted the photos on social media, which caused the getaway driver to visit her home and beg her to remove them. That’s a unique approach!

Police finally I.D.’d the two suspects and arrested them. They even were able to recover several items stolen from porches in the neighborhood. Theft charges are pending against the men.

What a great neighbor to have!

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