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NYPD Detective Texted Friend About Drinking on the Job, Quickly Demoted
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An NYPD Narcotics detective is in big trouble for sending juvenile texts to a buddy. His texts apparently were racist and had details about drinking on the job during a bust operation. Little did he know that his buddy’s phone had a wiretap on it!

“Bring over a few beers,” Detective Ted Holaway, 34, texted to his friend Paul Barone, as he was waiting for his operation to end. The two joked about drinking beer and vodka together, never knowing other detectives were investigating an illegal gambling ring and watching as the naughty texts were coming in.

“Stay clear of me. I’m driving drunk,” his buddy wrote to Holaway.

“I have a PBA card for you,” Holaway responded, which is a union courtesy card officers give to friend and family.

While Holaway pretended to drink vodka on the job, he complained to his buddy. “This vodka is warm. Do I look black?”

A month later, Holaway again texted Barone while he was on duty to warn him about a dealer selling drugs to his step-sister. Holaway was transporting the suspected dealer and gave Barone the man’s name and picture.

After the detectives had enough information, they handed over all of the texts to the Internal Affairs Bureau and charged Barone, 33, and his father, ex-NYPD cop Ciro Barone, 26, with participating in a $4 million illegal gambling ring. The two have since pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation and a conditional discharge.

Holaway, however, wasn’t as lucky.

He was charged with improperly using his personal cell phone while on duty and for divulging confidential information about the drug dealer. He was also demoted to police officer.

Holaway is also faced with losing 20 days of vacation, as well, but was hoping to get his penalty lowered by testifying at his departmental hearing.

“I’m very apologetic. I didn’t realize the severity of it. I was just trying to help an old friend and help his sister,” he said about releasing the drug dealer’s name.

But when asked about the texts about drinking, he said him and Barone “were just discussing drinking and old school memories.”

Holaway never knew Barone was under investigation. The two hadn’t spoken in over 10 years, but after seeing each other at a Staten Island fundraiser, they had rekindled their friendship.

Turns out that was a critically bad move that he will hopefully be able to recover from in the future!

Original article: NYPD detective demoted after he’s caught texting his friend about drinking on the job
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