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Neighbor Steals Gold Bars After Helping Elderly Couple Move Them
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When a hurricane is coming and you are frantically trying to make plans to evacuate, you may miss a few things here and there. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to this elderly couple.

Cynthia Copley, 70, and her husband, 69, were busy trying to get out of Hurricane Irma’s path this past September and needed some help moving $26,000 in gold bars that they had stashed for their retirement. Because their loved ones were busy helping everyone else, they asked their neighbor to help them and didn’t think twice about it.

The gold bars were hidden in a cat litter box and were moved to a boat on their property in Florida for safekeeping.

When they returned after the hurricane nearly hit on their home, they thought everything was great and they had been spared from total devastation. But they quickly discovered their gold was missing in their boat. When they called their neighbor who had helped them move the gold, he told them he had suddenly moved to the other side of Florida. Suspicious!

They called the cops and before long, they were able to pin the stolen gold on their neighbor, Corey Lofton. Lofton is now back in his original neck of the woods, facing grand theft charges.

The Copley’s were asked why they stashed between 15-20 bars of gold in a cat litter box, and they admitted that they were just so frantic they didn’t even think much of it and certainly didn’t think they’d be taken advantage of during a tragedy.

At this time, they still aren’t sure what has happened to all of their gold. Right now, they are just focused on seeing justice be served, which will find Lofton in jail.

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