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Naked Man Arrested After Stealing & Crashing Two Cards
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Police officers just never know what they are going to find… which held true recently, as they arrested a naked 23-year-old man who crashed not one, but two cars, after carjacking the vehicle and attacking one of the drivers… naked!

Kyle Alexander carjacked a Honda Pilot at a hotel, but first met up with the police earlier that morning after he was attempting to sell tools out of the back of a pick-up at Home Depot. When the police questioned him, he said he was homeless and needed money. Officers let him know that soliciting without a permit is illegao and he left.

Less than a half hour later, though, the cops saw him driving the truck in a parking lot close by and tried to stop him, but he sped out of the parking lot, jumped a curb and drove away as quickly as possible. Kind of odd behavior, no?!

The cops didn’t chase him that time, but they learned that the vehicle was stolen. Now they were on the hunt! Lucky for them the pickup crashed with another vehicle about 20 minutes later, where Alexander fled on foot to a hotel, where he assaulted a man who was attempting to pack his luggage into his vehicle.

Alexander stole the man’s car keys and phone and repeatedly punched him in the face before taking off with stolen vehicle #2. As luck would have it, he crashed this car, too, and again took off on foot. We’re sensing a theme here!

The police finally caught up with him, and at this point he was naked, though it wasn’t exactly clear why.

The driver in the second crash was treated for minor injuries and Alexander suffered from injuries in both crashes, as well. He was charged with carjacking, two counts of burglary, eluding, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property, as well as numerous other motor vehicle violations.

Luckily, they’ll find him a nice jumpsuit to wear in jail.

Original article: Naked Man Charged With Carjacking, Crashing 2 Stolen Vehicles

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