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Mystery Thieves Steal Guy’s Roof
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When someone gets robbed, they definitely don’t think their home will be stripped of its ROOF! But that’s exactly what happened in this Albuquerque neighborhood!

Someone managed to steal and entire roof right off a house and the homeowner is completely baffled as to how they managed to get the job done!

“Even the police officer couldn’t believe it,” the homeowner, Cory Archuleta, said. He also said that at one point, his insurance adjuster just had to laugh about it. The roof will be claimed as being “stolen” but it sure isn’t what insurance companies are used to seeing!

The home was recently sold, so Archuleta thought at first that maybe the new owners, who have yet to move in, did it. But they hadn’t closed on the house, so thought it would be odd that they took on such a big project without things being 100% finished!

And he was right, because it wasn’t the new owners. The home wasn’t even in need of a new roof!

Neighbors told him that an entire crew was there tearing the roof off, but nobody thought it was suspicious because they looked legitimate. Unfortunately, they were in a truck with no sign, so nobody can say for sure who they were!

Whoever it was did a good job cleaning up after themselves. They put the tar paper back and there were no remnants on the ground.

Archuleta’s best guess is that someone else had ordered a new roof, and the crew started working at the wrong residence. Once they figured out their error, they stopped where they were at and left. Unfortunately, nobody has been back to finish the job and fix the big, expensive mistake!

On the bright side, the new owners are going to get an unexpected new roof put on the house before they move in! Unfortunately, it’s going to cost Archuleta a $1,000 insurance deductible to get the job done.

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