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Messed up Food Delivery Leads to Confrontation with Gun
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You just never know what kind of quality food you’re going to get when you head to a fast food restaurant. Most people know they aren’t exactly getting 5-star cuisine, but this mom and daughter in Minnesota were so mad about the quality of their fast food that they headed back to a Domino’s Pizza with a handgun!

Holly Jo Robinson, 59, and her daughter, Lakia Michaelene Robinson, 20, were eventually arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of aggravated robbery and making terroristic threats.

Lakia was released later in the same day because of insufficient evidence, but mommy dearest remained behind bars.

How can someone possibly get this upset over fast food, you ask?

Evidently, the pair were livid about the wings they received from a local Domino’s Pizza, so they decided to head back and let them know just how poor the quality had been… with a gun, logically.

When police arrived at the pizza place, the Robinsons had already left. Evidently, they were piping hot that their wings hadn’t been delivered with the pizza they had ordered. Which meant that Domino’s had their address ready and waiting when the police showed up.

Police headed over to the address and Holly Robinson immediately came out of the home to talk to the officers.

“She didn’t want to wait for another order because they had already waited for an hour, so she decided to go to Domino’s because it would be faster,” the police report stated.

She demanded a complete refund, which Domino’s didn’t do, so the handgun came out because Holly stated that “the manager had an attitude and she feared there would be a physical confrontation.” She claims she took the gun out but never pointed it at anyone.

Police, indeed, found a 9mm handgun in Holly’s car. Holly is expected to appear in court soon to face the music. Perhaps next time, she just goes to pick up her food herself. Better yet? Maybe it’s time to just make dinner at home instead!

Original article and Image Credit: Lack of Hot Wings at at Grand Avenue Restaurant Leads to Loaded Gun

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