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Man Uses Stolen Brain to Get High
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This is pretty disgusting! A man, who was already in jail, is suddenly facing charges that he… abused a corpse!

Joshua Long has been accused of stealing a human brain that was sitting in a jar of formaldehyde to preserve it. What in the world would have have planned for such a grotesque item? He wanted to soak his marijuana in it, of course!

Turns out his aunt stumbled upon her nephew’s contraption sitting in a Walmart bag when she was cleaning out a trailer that he had lived in before heading to jail and immediately reported it to the police.

When confronted with evidence, Long confessed to having the brain and used the embalming fluid to get high. Who would even think of such a gross thing!?

And even worse? He had a name for his brain: Freddy.

A coroner examined the brain and confirmed it was a real human brain. It likely was a teaching specimen that was used at a local school that Long got his hands on before heading to jail. So gross!

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Original Post: Carlisle Man Soaked Marijuana in Formaldehyde that had preserved Human Brain

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