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Man Uses Scooter During Bank Robbery
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If you’re going to rob a bank, doesn’t it make sense to have a solid getaway vehicle lined up that isn’t going to get you busted right away? One would think so, but this guy didn’t get that memo when he robbed a bank in Austin, Texas recently.

A man robbed a bank in downtown Austin, but when he left he didn’t exactly think things through very well. He rented a ‘Jump’ scooter outside of the bank, which helped police to be led to his exact location.

The suspect entered the bank, handed an employee a note and walked out nonchalantly. A second employee noticed the transaction and also noticed that the suspect grabbed a Jump scooter and took off.

The first employee let everyone know that the bank had just been robbed and because of the second employee’s quick thinking, police were able to see where the suspect went.

The cops gained access to the surveillance video to see the suspect leaving the bank on the scooter and were able to get the GPS and account information from Uber, who owns the Jump scooters. And just like that, they had their man!

Luca Mangiarano, 18, was arrested and is now being held on an $18,000 bond. With the joys of technology, robbers need to think twice before they think they’re going to get away with any kind of crime!

Original article and Image Credit: Alleged Bank Robber Uses Scooter in Getaway, Helping Austin Police Track Him Down

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