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Man Uses Front-End Loader to Drop Son’s Mobile Home House
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This is quite the domestic disturbance call! A man was recently arrested after using a large front-end loader and backhoe to damage a mobile home his son was living in. The problem? A typical argument over rent and junk in the yard between a loving father and son!

John Bubar, 50, and his son, Michael Bubar, 27, clearly were not seeing eye-to-eye over Michael’s living arrangements in a mobile home on his father’s property. But this dad went to new extremes to get his point across to his son!

He used large construction-grade equipment to damage the mobile home so his son wouldn’t be able to live there at all!  Daddy Dearest used the front-end loader to pick up the mobile home and drop it on the ground three times, which caused significant damage to the house. As if that wasn’t enough, he then drove drive the bucket into the home. Oh… and his 7-year-old grandson was inside! Luckily, the boy was unharmed during the incident.

John Bubar was arrested on a charge of domestic violence and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. Bail was set at $5,000 and he is expected to appear in court in early February.

Turns out this was a long time coming! It was the seventh time the cops have been called to the address this year and they were called there 10 times in 2015. A long, long time coming!

We’re thinking it’s probably time for the son and his family to find a new place to live for good, before someone really does get hurt!  

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