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Man Tumbles Out of Moving Car to Extort Cash from Mom
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This 57-year-old is still looking for ways to get a little extra money from his Mommy, but falling out of a moving car on an interstate? This one takes the cake!

John R. McPhail tried to stage his own kidnapping in an effort to try to extort money from his own mom! He fell out of a moving vehicle during a chase between two vehicles on the local interstate in Oregon. He did it pretty convincingly, because people who called 911 reported that he had his hands bound behind him with a bag over his head!

Soon after the cops arrived, though, investigators determined the “chase” didn’t really happen. Many witnesses determined that they saw something worth following up with, but when people tried to stop the men who eventually got out of the vehicle, they hopped back in the car and drove off. One of the witnesses even tried to flatten one of the car’s tires in an effort to get them to stop.

McPhail was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated and released. When the cops started questioning him, he said he was kidnapped, but the story soon was discovered to be a lie.

He eventually confessed that he staged the event with friends to try to get money from his mom for a fake ransom. He was then arrested for initiating a false report and conspiracy to commit theft and is now being held in the local jail.

Poor Mom! Talk about an emotional roller coaster stemming from her 57-year-old “little boy”!

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Original Post: Man Staged Own Fall from Neon Onto I-2015

Image Credit: Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office


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