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Man Stirs Chili, Ends Up In Hospital
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This guy thought he was doing his buddy a favor, but evidently, it is NOT COOL to stir another man’s boiling pot of chili!

A man, 26, attacked a 30-year-old family acquaintance after the victim decided to stir it. Clearly, the suspect wanted to do all of the work himself, because he ended up biting and stabbing the victim. Yikes!

The victim was able to flag down cops who were in the area conducting a routine traffic stop, where he told them what had happened. It’s still unclear who actually gets the rights as chili chef.

The victim suffered a non life-threatening bite and stab wounds to his thigh and was taken to the hospital. The suspect was immediately arrested and his name has not yet been released, pending charges.

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Original Post: Man Bites, Stabs Another Over Stirring of Chili

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