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Man Named Luke Sky Walker Ends Up In Jail
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First of all, if your last name is Walker and you end up naming your child Luke, with the middle name of Sky, you’re a genius. Unfortunately, the force was not with this particular Luke Sky Walker when he was arrested in Tennessee.

Walker, 21, was arrested on charges of violating probation and quickly found himself in the slammer. He was on probation in connection with a felony theft charge and is now being held without bond at the local jail. Can he just use his jedi mind tricks to escape?!

So what was his original crime? He was arrested in 2017 for stealing 46 road signs. That doesn’t sound like he momentarily went over to the dark side!

After being found with the stolen signs in the back seat of his car, he found himself arrested and on probation, which led to his current situation.

Go back to the force, Luke!  

Original article and Image: Luke Sky Walker Lands in Jail After Arrest in Tennessee

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