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Man Jailed After Politely Holding Door For Cop
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Guess it doesn’t pay to be nice anymore! Especially when you’re a criminal!

Kayvon Mavaddat, 28, was recently hanging out at the mall when he stopped to hold the door open for an officer who was leaving. Mavaddat held the door for the wrong person, though, because this cop recognized him as someone who had three warrants outstanding!

Mavaddat was immediately arrested.

Kayvon originally denied his identity when the officer asked him if his name was “Kevin,” but after looking it up on his computer, the cop knew he had his man.

Mavaddat had warrants out on him for driving with a suspended license and a signal violation in one district. That wasn’t it, though! He had two other warrants out on him in a neighborhood community for possession of heroin and shoplifting.

Things didn’t get any easier when he headed to court. His probation officer recommended the judge to hold Mavaddat without bail, pending a probation surrender hearing. Evidently, Mavaddat hadn’t appeared in court for months, skipped all of his drug tests and hadn’t paid any of his fees or fines. Definitely not a good way to start your court case!

The judge agreed and held Mavaddat without bail until the probation surrender in early June. Mavaddat strongly disagreed and could be heard yelling from the holding area after being held. Let’s see if he learns his lesson!

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