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Man Gets Fired up Over Wife’s Music
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This hubby was absolutely done listening to his wife’s loud music. Instead of acting like a rational person and asking her to turn it down, he decided it would be better if he shot his wife’s laptop that was playing the music. Overkill?!

After the incident happened, which was around 2 a.m. in the morning when everyone makes their best decisions, police dispatched 16 units to the scene over the course of four hours!

Gary Lykins, 44, barricaded himself within the residence and refused to come out, which caused the long duration of police assistance needed. He was eventually arrested and charged with deadly conduct for discharging a firearm.

His wife was able to leave the residence and receive medical treatment, since she received minor injuries from the debris of her computer.  No word yet on if she plans to get some new speakers for her musical tastes.

Original article and Image Credit: Fort Worth Man Arrested After Shooting His Wife’s Laptop

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