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Man Faked Abduction to Get Out of Super Bowl Payout
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This guy went to extreme lengths to avoid paying out the winners in his Super Bowl pool! Instead of forking over the dough, he tied himself up to look like he was abducted and robbed of $16,000!

Robert A. Brandel, 60, made up a big whopper of being abducted and robbed because he didn’t want to pay out the winners of his Super Bowl squares pool, which he also was scamming people in.

He had a $50,000 Super Bowl squares pool, made up numerous names on the squares, in the hope of eventually winning and keeping most of the winnings for himself. Unfortunately, someone else won and he was unable to make his payouts and was significantly short for most of the $50,000. And people were mad, rightly so!

Police responded to a local store’s parking lot for a man that had been found tied up in a vehicle. Brandel went all out and had a rope tied around his neck, while his hands and ankles were bound with duct tape. Troopers got him free and initially processed the vehicle for evidence.

Brandel initially claimed he picked up two of the people who were involved in his Super Bowl pool, but once they got in his truck, they took a gun and $16,000 from him that he had from the pool. Eventually, they tied him up and left him the parking lot to fend for himself. But things didn’t seem to be adding up for the police.

Upon further investigation and interviews, his story quickly unraveled and Brandel was arrested for first-degree scheme to defraud, a felony, and a third-degree misdemeanor of falsely reporting an incident.

Unfortunately, it still looks like the people in his Super Bowl pool aren’t going to collect any of their winnings and are out the original money they gave him for the pool.

Original article and Image Credit: Man Accused of Faking His Own Abduction in Super Bowl Squares Scheme

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