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Man Claims Van Full of Pot is “All for Me”
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Talk about being greedy! This guy was caught with hundreds of pounds of marijuana in his van, which clearly created quite the odor.

And the smell is exactly what got Shane Prosser, 50, busted! Police were passing the van when they noticed the unmistakable stench. Sure enough, they found an entire van full of weed!

Prosser and his passenger claimed that they had just bought all of the cannabis and were planning on using it for their own recreational use, but the cops also found a key to a nearby farm in the van, as well.

Upon investigation, the farm turned out to be the site of Prosser’s “substantial” cannabis-growing factory. Busted!

Prosser denied all foul play, but he was found guilty of producing cannabis and possession with intent to supply. He ended up spending two years and eight months in the slammer for his little “personal recreational stash.”

The cops were pleased with the outcome and said “our officers saw straight through his lies and thankfully so did the jury.”

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Original Post: Man Caught with Van Full of Weed, Told Police ‘It’s All for Me’

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