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Man Attempts to Rob Restaurant, Owners Lock Him in Walk-in Freezer
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This would-be thief didn’t get quite what he was looking for when he attempted to rob a Mexican restaurant recently! Would you believe he was just trying to steal a bag full of popsicles and some meat?!

Marshall Smith, 36, was actually happy when the cops showed up, because he had been locked inside of a walk-in freezer for about 20 minutes after the owners of the restaurant realized what he was doing and slammed the door on him.

Too bad for him now he’s going to be locked in a jail cell! Hopefully it’s a bit warmer in there!

The quick-thinking owner, Francisco Islas, grabbed the lock for the door to the walk-in freezer when he went to confront whoever was rummaging around through his stuff.

“Really, I grabbed the lock for protection because it’s pretty big and heavy,” Islas said. “I startled him when I asked him what he was looking for. He just looked at me stunned.”

Turns out he was looking to escape with a bunch of meat, as he had a bag filled to the brim with different cuts. Islas used the lock to lock the man inside the freezer, which is kept around 10-15 degrees, and called the cops.

“He had a ribeye, some quail, a bunch of sausage links, some pork tenderloin,” Islas said. All of that meat was valued at more than $400!

Turns out Smith wasn’t going to risk freezing to death! He also called 911 to report his OWN robbery! Except he of course didn’t tell the truth. He said that he had heard a cat meowing loudly in the alley next door and must have accidently made his way to the freezer.

Great story, except no cat was found in any alley around the restaurant… or the freezer for that matter!

Smith was arrested and now faces one charge of burglary of a building.

Original article: Owners of Paco’s Mexican Cuisine Locks Would-Be Thief Inside Walk-In Freezer

image credit: Facebook via Paco’s Mexican Cuisine


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