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Machete-Wielding Trucker Gets Highway Shut Down
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Things got a little wild in Mississippi when a truck driver created a standoff between himself and police, all while he swung around a machete. He should have been careful, though, because there is nothing like bringing traffic to a stand-still that will cause some real road rage!

The truck driver got into it with a fellow 18-wheeler. Witnesses claimed he was driving his rig recklessly on the interstate and deputies were finally able to get him to pull over, but not without him refusing to come out of his big rig. He did, however, bring out his machete!

Because of his stubbornness, law enforcement had no choice but to shut down one half of Interstate 10. While no injuries had been reported, they wanted to keep it that way!

Police were finally able to coax the driver out of his truck via tear gas, and also got ahold of the machete that he had in his possession, as well.

While authorities haven’t said what sparked the initial pursuit, the man was arrested, but information on the specific charges that he will face has not been made available.

Luckily, the interstate was opened back up and everyone was able to safely continue on their way.

Original article: Standoff Ends With Machete-Wielding Trucker

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