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Inmate’s Ceiling Escape Does Not End Well
13 Feb, 2019. 0 Comments. Uncategorized. Posted By: admin

Some dumb criminals will never learn! Take this inmate, for example, who failed to escape from jail when he tried to climb to freedom through the ceiling. Unfortunately for this guy, he fell and landed directly into the booking room, instead. Oh karma.

Turns out a group of inmates were in the process of being escorted back to their cells from the booking room when Blaze Ayers, 28, decided it was time to make a break. “Once he got into the ceiling, he started to make his way into the booking area,” the police said.

Video showed that some ceiling tiles broke in the fingerprinting area, where deputies were standing with their tasers drawn. Once Ayers managed to crawl in the ceiling to the booking area, police commanded him to stop and come down. At first he refused, but soon, he fell through the ceiling, along with a mess of wires. He was then tased by the cops. A double whammy! He now faces additional charges of escape and criminal mischief as a result of the failed escape attempt.

“There is quite a significant amount of damage to our ceiling and three main areas: the booking area, medical room and fingerprint room,” the police said. A cost to repair, however, has not been made available.

While it was an uncommon practice and nobody has ever successfully escaped from this jail before, changes have already been made to try to prevent future occurrences.

Looks like Ayers just made it even more difficult for himself to try to escape in the future!

Original article and Image Credit: Inmate Caught on Surveillance Footage Falling Through Ceiling in Escape Attempt

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