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Hot Tub Fight Turns Leads to Ear Biting
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Things took a turn for the worse REAL fast for this guy who had a large chunk of his ear bitten off by another man, who took a page right out of Mike Tyson’s Playbook!

Bryan David Boyak, 43, and another man had been chatting in a hot tub when things escalated fast. The temperature soared when the conversation turned to large corporations and conspiracy theories.

An “extremely heated” argument quickly escalated, which led the victim to locking Boyak out of the house they were in. Boyak began hitting the front of the house with patio furniture until the victim finally came out and told him to stop, but that’s when the attack went from bad to worse.

Boyak took the first chance he had to attack the man, hold him to the ground and bite off some of his ear before fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

The victim headed to the hospital, where he told the detectives exactly what happened and a warrant was put out for Boyak’s arrest. The exact status of the victim’s ear, however, was not immediately clear.

Boyak was arrested and faces charges of mayhem, domestic violence in the presence of a child, criminal mischief and intoxication.   

Original article and Image Credit: Man Bites ‘Large Chunk’ Of Person’s Ear Off After Hot Tub Argument About Conspiracy Theories

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