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He Ordered One TV But Got Two. Now, He’s Under Arrest
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Imagine this man’s surprise when he ordered a TV online, had it delivered, and instead of receiving one TV, he was sent TWO! Unfortunately for him, though, he didn’t report the error and was eventually arrested for keeping the extra flat screen TV.

Nick Memmo, 35, was arrested for larceny and misleading a police officer.

It all started when he purchased a 74-inch flat screen TV on Amazon and the third-party shipping company delivered it, along with another larger model by mistake!

The shipping company soon figured out their error and attempted to contact Memmo numerous times to get the second TV back, but he decided to play dumb and see if he could get away with keeping the bigger, 86-inch TV, as well. Probably not a smart move!

The shipping company contacted police and stated that Memmo signed for the extra TV, but Memmo doesn’t remember that being the case.

Memmo also stated that he looked into all the laws and as far as he was concerned, “it’s a scratch ticket. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.” He also said that “Amazon said I had nothing to worry about and I made no wrong decisions at that point.”

He also stated that if he thought he was going to be arrested, he would have just paid for the extra TV or given it back. But something doesn’t seem to agree with that statement, since the police had been to his house several days before his arrest and he denied that he had the extra TV.

The police weren’t going to give up, though, so they surrounded the house later that week, knocked on the door with flash lights coming through the windows and told him to come outside. They immediately arrested him and during the subsequent search inside, the officers found the missing 86-inch flat screen mounted to his living room wall. Interesting!

Memmo finally admitted that it was delivered to his home by mistake and that he lied to police earlier in the week.

“I answered what questions I could earlier without putting myself in jeopardy,” he said.

Now, he’s looking at the possibility of jail time for a TV that was never his to begin with! Do the right thing, people!

Original article and Image Credit: Freetown Man Arrested for Keeping TV Sent to Him By Mistake

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