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‘Harry Potter Bandit’ Bank Robber Arrested
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A serial bank robber known as the “Harry Potter Bandit” was recently arrested last week. Turns out he has an uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter but was still taken into federal custody!

Caleb Dierlam, 20, is accused of committing at least six bank robbers from July through early November in Washington and Oregon. All of the money, though, has yet to be recovered.

Funny enough, Dierlam has no other criminal history. He had recently moved to the area and was staying with friends of his parents, who had no idea this was going on. He came and went from the home as if he was going to work and was even active in the church that they went to. He was the model houseguest!

It all started in July, when he passed a note to a bank teller asking her to stay quiet and leave any dye packs out of the cash. Similar holdups were reported in subsequent months in the area and wore clothes that matched the description of all of the other robberies. They only difference was that he altered his appearance slightly by wearing glasses.

In his later robberies, Dierlam had a soul patch and dyed his hair a shade of gray-blue. Sometimes, he also used tanning products to alter the color of his skin. Soon enough, because of recognition software that the police used, the FBI dubbed him the “Harry Potter Bandit” on wanted posters in the area.

The big break came in early December when a customer at a local Starbucks called 911 after recognizing him in the coffee shop. The cops figured out who their target finally was, got his name and took a picture, but didn’t yet arrest him. They first checked out his address and background.

The FBI contacted the people he was living with, and his landlords quickly discovered that Dierlam had been lying to them since Day 1. Turns out he wasn’t so active with church and people in those groups told them otherwise.

The cops did a court-approved search of his bedroom, where they found evidence connected to his disguises in the bank robberies, but he declined to answer their questions.

He was finally arrested, but the arrest report made no mention of a possible motive. We’re pretty sure Dumbledore would be extremely disappointed in this Mr. Potter wannabe!

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Original Post: Mill Creek Man Accused of Being Serial ‘Harry Potter’ Bandit

Image Credit: Gresham Police Department

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