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Guy Sets Car On Fire to Save it From Tow
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Well, that’s one way to save some money! Shad Badeau, 40, decided it would be better off starting his car on fire, rather than pay to have it towed.

When Dan’s City Towing responded to an apartment complex to tow an illegally parked car away, Badeau quickly ran up to the tow truck and started the car on fire… after the tow company had already been placed on the two truck and lifted for removal!

Instead of having to go to an impound lot and pay for his car to be released, Badeau made a split-second decision and decided it would be better to just start it on fire. Hmmm… questionable judgement?!

The tow truck driver quickly dropped the vehicle after unhitching it, and Badeau than extinguished the fire himself before the authorities showed up. He was arrested on a charge of arson and may be facing additional charges once he makes it to court.

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