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Guy Cuts Pet Fish in Half, Gets 120 Days in Prison
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A man has recently been sentenced to 120 days in prison after killing a pet fish during a domestic dispute. Talk about cruel and completely traumatizing!

Juan Vega, 33, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree breach of peace. In exchange for pleading guilty to this charge, the one count of cruelty to animals was dropped. He also isn’t going to receive any probation, as well.

Vega has a criminal history including convictions of drug sales, which meant that he violated his parole with his new crime.

This all started because of a domestic disturbance where Vega showed up to her girlfriend’s home unannounced and began arguing with her. During the fight, Vega told the woman he would take his things and leave, but ended up pushing her and kicking a TV, resulting in it breaking.

After Vega left, the girlfriend went through the home and noticed other items damaged, but her 9-year-old son found the worst tragedy.

His beta fish had been cut in half!

Police tracked Vega down, where he admitted to damaging property at the victim’s home, as well as killing the fish.

How traumatizing for that poor little guy, to find his fish killed! As far as we’re concerned, we think Vega is pretty lucky he didn’t get charged with animal cruelty!

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Original Post: New Britain Man Gets 120 Days in Prison After Killing Pet Fish in Bristol


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