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Grease Vent Proves to be a Grease Trap for California Man
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Who knows why a 29-year-old decided to climb into a Chinese restaurant, strip off his clothes and slide down the greasy vent wearing only a thin T-shirt. Because the restaurant had been closed for some time, he surely didn’t think he was going to rob it, did he?

The police are still trying to sort out what happened but everyone agrees that the man has been “less than truthful about his true intentions.”

Based on him being pretty slender and the viscosity of the walls he was going to slide down, he clearly thought he was going to slide right down inside of the old restaurant without any problems. All of this seemed like a solid plan. Until he got stuck!

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t a straight drop from the roof to the floor. After making it down about 5 feet into the shoot, the man hit a turn, which forced him into a semi-crouched position, with his arms reaching up immobilized above his head. That sounds comfortable! Even worse? He was stuck that way for TWO days, since the restaurant was no longer open.

The man kept calling out for help, but nobody heard him until two days later, when he was heard by the owner of a neighboring business.  “I keep hearing this ‘uh, uh’ and I’m like, ‘who can it be?’” Igor Campos, the neighboring business owner said.

The neighbor finally set out to figure out where the noise was coming from and that’s when he figured out there was someone stuck inside the ventilation shaft through the roof. Campos called 911, where emergency personnel had a pretty hard time getting him out of the vent.

“The fire department had to figure out a plan of attack. We couldn’t reverse course and pull him up because the chute had sharp edges that would have cut him. Plus, he was covered head to toe in grease – it was like he had been dipped in oil – and we didn’t want to yank him up and have him slide back down,” rescuers said.

At the end of the day, firefighters had to dismantle the entire steel ducting.

The weather, the position of his body and the unsanitary condition of the greasy vent had been brutal on the intruder. One more day, and everyone agreed he may not have made it!

The man was dehydrated, exhausted, cold and confused. Also, his limbs were completely numb because of how he was stuck in the duct with his arms over his head.

After being taken to a local hospital, the man is expected to make a full recovery and for now, no charges have been filed.

“We know sometimes suspects try to break into old businesses to steal copper wire and plumbing and recycling for money. This appears to be something along those lines. While he may be charged at a later time, we’ve decided to be a little compassionate. We figured he’d been through enough and it is the holiday season,” the police reported.

Lucky guy!

Original article and Image Credit: Man is Freed After 2 Days Stuck in Empty Restaurant’s Grease Vent

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