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Gamblers Cheated with Radioactive Playing Cards
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Check out this major scheme that took place over in Europe! Police figured out that playing cards were being tampered with in order to give certain players an advantage in a gambling scheme. They figured out a big one!

Police raided a Berlin restaurant after they did their due diligence and discovered playing cards that had been laced with a radioactive substance. Who even thinks of these things?!

Detectives spent months uncovering the scheme. They believe players were able to wear a hidden detector on their bodies, which would then allow them to recognize certain cards because of the radioactive substance. Hence, they’d win big! Wow!

It all started when a waste treatment facility did a routine check and found a large level of radioactivity in garbage bags, which were traced back to the restaurant.

When they finally performed the raid, cops found 13 playing cards laced with iodine-125, a substance used in medicine that has a half-life of 60 days. That means it is able to stay radioactive longer than most other types of iodine. Who knew?!

The restaurant also was not authorized for gambling and authorities have sealed and cleaned the area, in order to not create a wider risk of contamination.

Original article: Berlin Police Find Radioactive Iodine on Playing Cards

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