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Florida Mom Catches Alleged Serial Robber Son
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It’s never a good thing when your mom sees surveillance video footage on TV, recognizes you, and turns you in as the person being sought for a series of pharmacy robberies. But that’s what happened to this man!

Keith Fitzgerald Knowles, Jr., 27, ended up turning himself in and was booked in jail after his mother confronted him and he admitted he was the person in the videos. You just can’t lie to your mom!

Knowles had quite a system down for the strong arm robberies he got away with at 4 local Walgreens stores. He would pretend to be a customer buying something from a shelf and head up to the cashier to pay. When the clerks opened the cash register, though, Knowles would punch or push them over, grab as much cash as he could, and run. Four times!

Knowles remains in jail with bond set at $45,100 and has been charged with robbery, theft, and battery on a person over 65. Authorities are also checking to see if he may have been a part of two more strong arm robberies recently, too.

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Original Post: Mom Recognizes Son as Serial Pharmacy Robber

Image Credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

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