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Ex-Girlfriend Overfeeds Hamster, Former Boyfriend Furious
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This is a complaint you don’t hear everyday! A man called the cops to report that his ex was feeding their hamster too much and he now thought it was “looking like a fat little pig!” And the cops are supposed to do what in this case?

He explained to the operator that it was his pet, but his ex wouldn’t give it back and now she was overfeeding him out of spite.

Turns out the cops didn’t care, and ended up releasing the call in an attempt to let the public know what does NOT constitute an emergency!

“Me and my girlfriend split up awhile ago and she’d got my hamster but she’ll not give it back. I know it sounds daft, but it’s my little hamster. I don’t want to cause any trouble whatsoever, she’ll not give it back because she says ‘I look after it better than you’ but it’s ended up looking like a fat little pig. Not being disrespectful to the hamster, he was my pride and joy. I need him back now, he has only got a couple of years left in him because they only live so long and I love him”

Needless to say, the man was politely informed that it wasn’t a police matter.

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Original Post: Man Calls Police to Report Ex-Girlfriend for Overfeeding Hamster, Leaving Him Looking Like a ‘Fat Little Pig’

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