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Escaped Inmate Orders Beer, Asks Bar Owner to Call Cops
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Well, at least this guy knew he wasn’t going to get very far! After escaping from a local jail for a week and constantly looking over his shoulder, he just couldn’t take the stress anymore. So he did what he figured would be his last free activity… headed to a local bar, ordered a beer, drank it, than told the bartender to call the cops and turn him in.

Shawn Higham, 45, picked a lock and walked out of a county jail with nothing but his prison uniform on his back. But at least he had his freedom! Authorities were worried he may have fled the country and there hadn’t been any sight of him during the entire week he was on the run.

So imagine their surprise when they got a call from a local bar to come and pick him up. Everything ended peacefully and he was still wearing his dirty prison uniform!

In a funny twist, a local motorist had called the cops to report a man walking on the side of the road that matched Higham’s description. But by the time the cops were on the way, the owner of the bar had already called to say that Higham was there and ready to turn himself in. He was apparently ready.

When the cops arrived, he was drinking a beer at the bar and let them take him back into custody without incident. He’s most definitely looking at additional charges, but they are unknown at this time. Originally, he was being held on an aggravated robbery charge.  

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