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Drunk Man Blacks Out, Takes $1,600 Uber Ride
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A lot of people do dumb things when they’ve had a few too many cocktails. Maybe take a drunken late-night Uber ride to a fast food restaurant or another bar… However, this guy took the blackout Uber ride of a lifetime!

Kenny Bachman was on vacation, out with his buddies all night partying in West Virginia recently. After a long night of partying, he decided to call an Uber to take him back to where he was staying a few miles away.

Imagine his surprise when he woke up next to the Uber driver and he was HOME… as in where he grew up in New Jersey, over 300 miles away!

Bachman sobered up pretty quickly when he realized this little joy ride was going to cost him $1,635.93!

“I just woke up and I’m thinking, ‘Why the f– am I in the car next to some random dude I don’t even know?’ After it had fully sunk in what happened and I saw how much it was, I was like ‘Alright, this is insane, that’s just crazy.’”

But it was right! With a $3.94 base fare, a $2.35 booking fee, $696.95 for distance, $115.90 for time, the bill racked up quickly. It got even more expensive because apparently he decided to treat himself for his long ride and ordered an UberXL, which is exponentially more expensive than a typical Uber and doubled the entire fare.

Bachman claims he passed out in the van and woke up two hours later to the driver telling him they were on the way to New Jersey.

Even worse, the driver didn’t have money for tolls, so Bachman was fined at every tollbooth on the way. When they did finally arrive in New Jersey, Bachman got cash from the ATM to give the Uber driver for tolls on the way back to West Virginia.

Bachman knows he screwed up, but at least he got home safe and sound. He even gave his driver five stars. He has challenged the charge, though, claiming he never put his home address in New Jersey for the Uber. He said the driver had his phone and even answered a FaceTime call from a friend while he was passed out.

“Obviously I sent the Uber, I don’t know where to. But I know I wouldn’t send it to my house in New Jersey. I knew where I was. He was even on my phone without me allowing it.”

Uh huh… because there is no way Buchman could have given him the wrong address being totally wasted!

Uber confirmed the ride and stated they did connect with Bachman and resolved the matter, which resulted in him agreeing to pay the fare. There’s nothing like home, apparently!

Original article: A $1,600 Uber Ride? Drunk Man Blacks Out, Takes Trip From West Virginia to New Jersey

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