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Drunk Man Becomes First to Survive Hoover Dam Swim
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Some people are so dumb, they just don’t even understand how dumb they are.

Up until now, everyone who has attempted to swim across the river at the Hoover Dam has died. That seems like a pretty good reason NOT to attempt the swim, but this British guy figured he’d give it a go! We guess he figured there is always a first for everything and luckily, he was right and was the first to survive!

Aaron Hughes, 28, swam across the 726 foot structure and escaped being dragged under like everyone else had been, only because 9 of the 10 hydroelectric turbines were not in operation at the time. Lucky guy! Did we mention he was a bit tipsy?

That being said, he was arrested immediately after getting out of the water and was fined $330.

He saw it in a bit of a different light when talking to the newspaper:

“It was around 45-50 degrees out and we were at a bachelor party in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made the Hangover movie look tame! We were all just standing there and I thought… F it, I’m going for a swim. I got to the bottom and thought, I can make that!”

“I literally just turned to my friends, said ‘I’m off’’ and they were all cheering me on. It’s a hell of a sight to see the dam from underneath!”

His friends now call him a legend (we can think of a couple other names to add). It took him 30 minutes to cross the reservoir.

275 people have died there in the last 10 years. We can’t even believe that many people have tried!

Hughes did admit that he may have had a few cocktails before attempting his swim. But he also had no idea it was a crime, because he claimed there were no signs saying not to swim.

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Original Post: Drunk Briton Fined After Surviving Hoover Dam Swim

Image Credit: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

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