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Dog Acts “Homeless” to Score Free Burgers from McDonald’s
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This doggie in Oklahoma definitely knows how to scam the system!

Princess, the dog in question, regularly sneaks out at night and sits outside of the local McDonald’s, pretending to be a stray. The dog’s owner even caught her in the act and had photographic evidence of her dog’s scheming ways!

“If you see my dog at the McDonald’s on Shields, quit feeding her fat ass because she don’t know how to act & be leaving the house all the time to go walking to McDonald’s at night,” the dog’s owner wrote on social media. “She’s not even a stray dog.”

This doggie parent even went to far as to call her own dog a gold digger who acts like a stray so people feel bad and feed her burgers! What a smart little pup!

After thinking that her dog was sneaking some food, this dog owner decided to catch Princess in the act. Once Princess snuck out of the house, she drove to McDonald’s and found her dog sitting there, begging to be fed.

A woman was seen reaching out of her car window to throw Princess some food. This Doggie Mom caught her little pup right in the act, red-handed! Or should it be red-pawed?!

Original article and Image Credit: “Gold Digging” Dog Pretends To Be A Stray to Get Hamburgers From McDonald’s

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